Receive the latest in new E-Juice lines every month just for being a member. Not sample products but full lines that are meant for the shop owner to sell and fully profit from.


In exchange for retail member activism you will receive premier access to our manufacturing facility, graphic design team and deeply discounted rates.


Get involved with VIBLEO to help fight the opposing legislature seemingly fabricated by Big Tobacco lobbyists


All consumer members receive the ability to contribute to our cause in exchange for online store discounts, free products, juices, access to industry news that affects you and more.


Vapor Industries Biggest and Largest Efficiency Organization

Vibleo is an association of vaping advocates whose core mission is to unite the e-cigarette industry as it faces scrutiny, over-regulation, and prohibition. Our goal is to establish relationships with the expanding vape community by providing resources and premium products with partial proceeds donated to vaping advocacy programs. We believe that by working together, we can boost the industry and provide new shops with necessary resources while funding more advocacy. We believe that in solidarity, we can continue to fight looming legislatures on both the federal and state level. We know that there is power in numbers. We know that vaping has proven to be a popular alternative to traditional tobacco combustion and that for many, vaping has become a lifestyle. There is no denying that the innovation of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers have become a threat to certain public officials and that the industry is facing heavy taxes which could stagnate vaping while keeping cigarettes monetarily viable.

Vibleo’s Retail Membership Plan provides new and expanding vapor shops with industry security, support and savings. For every order purchased through Vibleo, proceeds are donated to vaping advocacy programs to promote e-cig education and to Defend our industry through outreach. Retail partners are provided with free inventory to jumpstart their vaping venture in exchange for activism on their behalf. As a qualifying member, you’ll gain access to industry news, discounts and free e-liquid lines as they emerge. By combining our mutual spending power, we can support the evolving vaping industry and defend our mutual cause.


The vaping industry is facing an uphill battle as biased legislatures, heavy taxes and potential prohibition loom. Currently, the vaping industry faces changes that could make tobacco the most readily available form of nicotine. We are combining spending powers to strengthen the industry while donating to vaping advocacy programs to assist in fighting back. Individual vapers can also participate in the mission, as a percentage of EVERY purchase is donated to DEFEND. As a member, you’ll be donating while gaining access to our Reward Program, redeemable for free e-liquid. Becoming a Vibleo Member is free with no obligation.


We believe that by combining mutual spending power, we can promote the vaping and e-cigarette cause while educating the public whose exposure is greatly biased. With combined efforts, we can secure vaporizers as an alternative to combusted tobacco, helping current shop owners stay in business while keeping the market open for new shops to emerge. Vibleo’s Membership For Juice and Mod Brands provides services to assist new brands in expanding their web presence and/or increasing store foot traffic in exchange for vaping activism on their end. By working together, we hope to combine our forces for vape and e-cigarette education.


Vibleo’s focus is to unite the electronic cigarette industry through mutual spending power and by promoting vaping education. With a Manufacturer Membership, you can design e-liquid lines at a free/discounted rate with proceeds donated to DEFEND vaping advocacy programs in exchange for activism on the recipient’s behalf. With our mutual exchange of service, Vibleo Members can create custom lines without as much capital. With our combined efforts, we hope to assist new shops in their manufacturing process while providing industry security.